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I love to Laugh!

I love to make people smile. I love that moment of delightful surprise. 

Everything I do revolves around this, today, it's a blog, tomorrow, who knows!

My creative work aims to help people discover their personal passions, share the contributions rooted in those passions, and thus experience a kind of aesthetic communion with range of others.   By establishing open public space to enable conversations among strangers, the Box Truck Temple connects people within and across communities.  The Art Exchange brings together people working in a variety of artistic media, across a range of skill levels, to establish a supportive environment of mutual exchange, where new ideas can be tested and new work nourished.  In Shakespeare Shakedown’s interactive productions, audience members inhabit the worlds of the plays, exploring their spaces and engaging with their characters.  My strongest creative passion is for adapting these projects, and others I develop, for a wider range of groups and for a more diverse range of communities.

Learn about my other work here:

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