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Travel time

After working on a film in the wilds of Idaho for two weeks I've barely had time at home to catch my breath. 

Between regular fatigue, a root canal with antibiotics as well as the immunizations needed for Nigeria I'm feeling a bit spent. 

That said, I managed to apply for an amazing fellowship that would change my world if I received, and I applied to a kind of art residency which would be amazing and challenging and bring Shakedown to a new level. So my main goal for the year of really putting myself out there and finding grants or grant type things has been successful and I feel wonderful about it.


To take a deep breath before this next solid month of travel I picked up the tried and true Everyday Mind. Today's entry feels helpful and true. A good reminder to maintain mindfulness and compassion above all. 

Being tired and low energy can definitely adversely effect my active compassion so I'm happy to carry this reminder into the start of this trip. 

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