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Fund Raising for trip to Kenya

Hello Friends and Family!

I am going to Kenya in December and I need your Help!

Why am I going to Kenya?

I am going with Kim Rosen (my dear friend and life mentor) to visit the V-Day Safe House for Maasai girls. I am going to meet the girls there to get to know them and understand their needs and how I can best help them and support the S.H.E. Fund.

What is the V-Day Safe House and the S.H.E. College fund?

They say it best themselves here:

The V-Day Safe House is for girls in the Maasai tribe who have to flee FGM and early childhood marriage, as well as their family’s refusal to allow girls an education. The girls are supported and safe there until they reach college age, at which point they are expected to re-enter the community from which they have been safeguarded. If they receive funding from the S.H.E. fund, they can be supported through College until they are ready to start a new career and make positive changes in their community.


How do I think I can help?

Managing the S.H.E. fund takes a lot of time and effort. Staying in contact with the girls and making sure they have the supplies and support they need to continue their education involves lasting relationships as well as a logistical mindset. Kim Rosen is deeply involved in the community and supporting and managing the College Fund and I would like to help her and the girls to lighten the load and see if I can add any new input! I don't know exactly what I'm going to be able to do to help, but that is what this trip is all about! Going to visit and see where and how I fit best.

What do I need?

Here is my completely unfiltered personal budget for the trip:

Flight: $900 - $1200

Food: ($40*14 = $560) $600

Transportation: $100

Lodging: ($60*14 = $840) $900

Gifts: $300

Visa: $51

Misc: $300

Rent at home: $800

TOTAL: $4251

What can you do?

Any amount you can contribute would be deeply appreciated!

I am happy to receive contributions in via any means; check, cash, transfer, etc. Ideally I would like donations to be personally made rather than via a fundraising website so as to avoid fees etc, however if you would prefer to donate via an online site I will be setting one up for that purpose and please check back in.

If I raise any above the goal I will use it to purchase items for the girls.

I'll be sure to post here with updates on benchmarks made!

If you are someone of means and feel moved to fund a girl for a year or more of college, that's Fantastic!

Please reach out and I will let you know how best to move forward and will connect you with your student either during my trip or soon afterwards!!

$3500 will support a girl for one year of college.

If you can not contribute funds here are some other things the girls would love:

Earrings! Old Cell Phones!* Solar chargers for phones!

Have another idea? Let me know!

If you'd like to mail me something please reach out and i'll let you know where best to send it!

*Please note: if you wish to donate an old cell phone they must be unlocked.

Please reach out via my personal email:

Thank you so much for your love and support!

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