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Kenya: Nairobi

Third time's the charm! Writing the blog from my phone has been more difficult than I anticipated! 

I arrived in Nairobi a day late due to a single flight delay with a massive domino effect! Arrived sans luggage which happily arrived a few days later but sadly arrived minus several of the more valuable gift items.... No more solar chargers and lacking a few of the phones, also, oddly, missing several of the hair extensions!

The first few days in Nairobi have already been so full of incredible moments it's challenging to parse out what can be shared in a single post! 

Kim is close friends with a family that lives in the Kibera slum, one of the largest in the world. And yesterday they took me on a tour. 

I was struck most by the ever present art calling for peace in all forms. It was everywhere and it was beautiful. The person who makes the art is named Solomon and I hope to meet him some day. 

With all of the political turmoil right now it is clear that the average person in Kenya really just wants their peaceful country back and isn't interested in escalating any conflict. 

Thursday was a day of experiences in quite the opposite direction!

We went to High Tea (a bit of an obsession for me) at The Hemingway with my heart sister. It was delightful and beautiful and such a treat!

Today (Saturday) is a big day full of interviewing girls for the S.H.E. Fund. I was able to meet Jessica on Thursday and help make an interview for her funder talking about what she hopes to get out of business school. 

Hopefully I'll be able to add photos later! 

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